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WARNING!  This journal contains some spoilers!  I tried to minimize the spoilers as much as possible.  So read at your own caution.  Also, if you want to argue about your OTP's, I'm going to ask you to simply ignore this journal and move on with your life.  Seriously, I am done with arguing with people who want to start fights just because someone doesn't like the same pairings as them.  Just forget I even exist!

Pairings I love:

LuckyShipping (Red x Blue) -
This pairing is actually how I was introduced to the series... I think.  Blue was one of the few girls Red shown attraction to, was embarrassed by, or that he liked playing the hero for.  The others include Misty, Misty's maids, Erika, Green's random fangirls, and even Sabrina.  Based on this evidence, he is attracted to older women.  He is not at all oblivious to women, unlike a certain anime counterpart of his...

Blue was first introduced as a girl who was causing trouble for Red.  She flirted with him, teased him, and tricked him repeatedly.  It was fun to watch the interactions between these two.  Blue continued these actions, including the flirting and teasing, even beyond the point of needing to.

Even despite this, the two supported each other when they could.  Red would repeatedly come to rescue her, being the hero he is. ;P They cheered for each other in the Pokémon League, in different ways...  Blue was the first to notice that Red was missing and took action in his name.

One of the biggest amount of trust between these two is a brief mention that Blue lent her Blastoise to Red for his training on Mt. Silver.  Just to clarify, she lent her powerhouse starter who she uses for aerial attacks to Red for his training on Mt. Silver.  Red was worried at first, but she simply told him not to worry about flying.  They both had to train their selves to overcome their weaknesses...

Bigger moments takes place in the FRLG arc.  After Blue goes into shock after her parents disappeared right before her, Red rescues her from falling to her doom.  He worries when she'll wake up and finds out that the parents she was seperated from as a child were taken from her yet again.  Angered, Red vows to avenge his friend and take down those responsible for breaking her heart.

However, along the way, Red suffers a crushing defeat.  After having his Pokédex taken away, witnessing the people he was trying to protect turn against him, and all of his Pokémon sacrifice their selves to protect him, Red falls into a slump and runs away.  Blue chases after him.  Red believes she's going to chew him out, but instead she tells him she's aware of the actions he took in her name and thanks him.  He smiles, but questions that he has done more harm than good, believes that he's not even worthy of holding a Pokédex, and that he'll "dissapear" for everyone's sake.  (Damn, this is seriously dark...)  However, Blue reveals the truth behind the Professor Oak and the Pokédex.  And through a pep talk she tells him that she'll continue fighting and rescue her parents.  After witnessing Blue's resolve, Red slowly starts to get his head back into the game.

Wow... just wow.  These two have come a long way...  It reminds me so much of a favorite Naruto pairing of mine...  Granted this moment came out years before the Naruto related moment did...

If I had any nitpicks, it would be that I wish to see Red give at least a "thank you" to Blue.

FranticShipping (Ruby x Sapphire) - I really like this pairing.  Their interactions with each other are one of the best in the series.  They're first introduced as rivals, but they manage to get along despite each other's different personalities and interests.

The one thing I do hate about this pairing though is the supporters.  And that I mean the people who never STFU about this particular pairing being canon.  Guys, I would love for them to be canon as much as you (well, maybe not as much as you), but last I read Ruby faked not remembering their confessions to each other and Sapphire was mad at him for it.  Although, if I had to guess, he probably faked not remembering them to save her the embrassment.

And yes, I am aware of the ORAS arc, but that arc has only begun.  So no spoilers...

AgencyShipping (Black x White) - This one I like more than FranticShipping.  So it ranks #2 of my favorite shippings.

This pairing starts off with Black mistakenly breaking property damage of the BW Agency.  So White hires him as her assistant so he can pay off the debt.  She wasn't simply using him for her services or the fact that he had a Tepig that the BW Agency needed.  The two traveled together and supported each other's dreams.

Black is also protective of his boss.  If he feels someone is endangering her, he will become angered and rush in to rescue her.  Sounds familiar... meh. :shrug: Anyways, one example includes when N left White traumatized after a ferris wheel incident...  Rather you see Black's actions as romantic or platonic, it's obvious that he cares very much for White more than seeing her just his employer.

White on the other hand does everything she can to support Black's dream.  Anything she can from supplying items or scheduling Gym Leader battles.  And in turn, all she asks is to have him sponsor her BW Agency.  There is even a brief moment where she breaks the fourth wall and admits that she does admire him.

Their Tepig also get along well, but the Pokémon do not reflect their owners.  In fact, White learned the hard way that her Tepig had dreams of her own.  However, the incident made her grow as a character and stronger as an individual.  And I was happy when White became a trainer and trained a Servine.

I won't spoil the BW arc ending, but it was touching to say the least.  However, overall the ending felt empty and seemed simply like a setup for the following B2W2 arc.  And it seems very similar to the ending of the FRLG arc...

The one thing I do not like about this pairing is how fans like to fall back on their Tepig as evidence of the pairing.  The two Pokémon have their own personalities and dreams.  The male wants to help Black win the Pokémon League championship.  While the female wants to battle.  So yes, I was happy when White moved beyond owning a Tepig for the sake of pairing evidence and became a trainer who trained a Servine.

Pairings I'm Indifferent Towards:

ChosenShipping (Blue x Silver) -
I'm just going to put this straight out there.  I see Blue and Silver as brother and sister.  They refer to each other as such, they act as such, so I'm going to call them brother and sister.  They grew up together, care for each other, and they understand each other very well.

When I look as these two it's obvious blood doesn't make family; strong bonds do.  They grew up together without memories of their biological parents.  So when they were finally free of their "evil step family", the two encouraged each other to find their own biological parents.

Silver was happy that Blue was going to be reunited with her parents.  And Blue broke into tears when Silver came to terms with his father...

One head canon of mine is that Blue welcomes Silver into her family with her biological parents.

If you support them as a pairing, that's fine.  There's nothing wrong with that or you.  PERIOD

MangaQuestShipping (Gold x Crystal) - I'll admit it, when I was first aware of this pairing, I thought it would be just like it's anime counterpart.  Unfortunately, it didn't give me that same satisfaction as QuestShipping.  And over time, I became to realize I probably liked the pairing because "everybody else is doing it".  Well, that and because I support Heroes x Heroines; males and females with their opposite gender counterpart.

I haven't seen much interaction or hints between the two.

However, in their HGSS arc, Crystal seemed embarrassed by what Gold would think of her in her new attire.  Poor guy only wanted to give a genuine compliment on her appearance, but the girl just wouldn't let him.

CommonerShipping (Diamond x Platinum) - Well, I can say this pairing has more hints than MangaQuestShipping.  From the first time Dia laid eyes on on Platina, he thought she was some sort of princess and even refeered to her as "Lady".  Well, it was obvious from there that he had a crush at first sight.

Dia for the most part acted normal around Platina, but would be overprotective at times while Pearl made a fuss over her acfions.  However, Dia did act as a knight protecting a princess around her.  Platinum herself even puts him in that light when she has him ride her Rapidash.  Platina also takes enjoyment in Diamond's antics and jokes.

The only nitpick I can find here is that I wish that Diamond's crush went into further details.


And those are all the shippings I either love or am indifferent towards.  For security reasons, I will not list the shippings I do not like/support.  Maybe I will one day when I feel safe enough to...

I was asked by :iconsagojyousartpage: to make a journal about what Pokémon Special shippings I support.  It took a while, but here it is!  I dedicate this journal to her and my fellow LuckyShippers.


Paul Dunbar
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
YouTube Username: TeenFlash09

I am a hardcore anime fan. If you wanna know a little more about me, read my Journal History entries. I love rare couples, couples that are rarely seen/loved. Pairings that make sense, and not loved simply out of popularity.

Naruto couples I support are Naruto x Hinata, Sasuke x Sakura, Sai x Ino, Shikamaru x Temari, Kiba x Karui, Shino x Hana, Neji x Tenten, Lee x Karin, Gaara x Matsuri, Konohamaru x Hanabi, Minato x Kushina, Yahiko x Konan, Iruka x Shizune, Kakashi x Anko, Asuma x Kurenai, Obito x Rin, Shikaku x Yoshino, Shibi x Tsume, Jiraya x Tsunade and Hashirama x Mito. I am the creator of Redhead Naruto x Shion. Choji x Kurotsuchi is also good.

Bleach couples I support are Ichigo x Orihime, Toshiro x Rangiku, Uryu x Nemu, Renji x Rukia (sure, why not?), and... what else is there? Nel x Grimmjow.

Sonic couples I support are Sonic x Amy, Tails x Cream, Knuckles x Rouge, Shadow x Tikal, Silver x Blaze, and... what else is there? I mostly steer clear of Archie characters and pairings.

Pokemon couples I support are LuckyShipping/BurningLeafShipping, QuestShipping/MangaQuestShipping/NewBarkShipping, FranticShipping/HoennShipping, CommonerShipping/SinnohShipping/FortuneShipping, ChessShipping/AgencyShipping, VisorShipping/CorruptionShipping, KalosShipping, FeelingShipping, SoulSilverShipping, DualRivalShipping (sure, why not?), and... what else is there? Oh, there's AlexAndRianShipping, DescentShipping, ColosseumShipping, and XDRivalShipping. PokeShipping, AdvanceShipping, and AmourShipping are also good. But now I like PearlShipping and AmourShipping best! AND DumbLuckShipping! I am also open to RebelShipping and BrightTomorrowShipping. I pair May, Dawn, and Lyra from the anime with Brendan, Lucas, and Ethan who only make cameo appearances in the movies.

Megaman couples I support are Geo x Luna, Solo x Sonia, Ace x Tia, Trigger x Tron, X x Ciel, Zero x Leviathan, Vent x Prarie, Giro x Aile, Grey x Pandora, Prometheus x Ashe, and... what else is there?

Capcom couples are RyuxChun-Li...

Nintendo couples are Mr. M x Peach, Mr. L x Daisy, and Bower x Rosalina...

My fanfiction series include "Love, Life, and Lost" (NaruHina) and "Do You Feel Lucky?" (LuckyShipping). Go ahead, ask me what other couples I include in these fanfics...


Fan-fictions cost 100 points each. Lemons cost an extra 50 points. Is that fair?

NaruHina isn't the only Naru-couple I'll accept. There's NaruIno, NaruTen, NaruTema, NaruKarin, etc. Sorry, no Sakura or Karui though. And the only other Hina-couples I'll accept is NarukoHina and MenmaHina.

Crossover couples? :iconmmmplz: Oh, Sasuke x Rukia and Itachi x Hisana. AND Red(player) x Peach(princess) & Green(rival) x Daisy(princess).

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Journal History

What if Blue had an Eeveelution instead and she mated with Vee? What Eeveelution do you think Blue would own? 

33 deviants said Sylveon
29 deviants said Umbreon
28 deviants said Vaporeon
17 deviants said Glaceon
16 deviants said Espeon
11 deviants said Flareon
9 deviants said Leafeon
8 deviants said Jolteon


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