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Boruto, the sequel to the Naruto series will be out soon.  So, I thought I'd give an official review for the chapters 699 and 700.  The Manga ended since November 2014, but I'm going to say it anyways...  SPOILER WARNING!

Chapter 699:
After their final battle, Naruto and Sasuke are found in the destroyed Valley of the End.  Naruto's right arm and Sasuke's left arm are gone.  The blood flowing from their missing limbs have poured in each other's to symbolize their bond.

Hashirama and Madara's statues have also been destroyed.  Their stone hands have joined to make the union sign.  Originally, Kishimoto was going to with Naruto and Sasuke holding hands.  I think we really dodged a bullet with that one...

Sakura and Kakashi arrive and the former heals their wounds.  Sasuke apologizes to Sakura for all the things he's done up to that point.  And with the team's friendship restored, Kakashi covers his left eye out of nostalgia.

Naruto and Sasuke undo the Infinite Tsukuyomi, releasing the world from the ultimate Genjutsu.  Orochimaru and Kabuto even make a short appearance.  The same goes for Yamato who witnesses the Spiral Zetsu reach out for him before crumbling away.  Samui and Atsui are released from the Benihisago, thanks to Tenten and Darui.  And Sasuke releases Yang-Kurama and presumably the other Tailed Beasts from the Chibaku Tensai.

The Leaf Shinobi are seen visiting the graves of those who died in the war.  And Naruto and Hinata are seen staying next to each other in front of Neji's grave.

Kakashi was officially became the Sixth Hokage and his head was crafted into the Hokage Monument.  Kakashi let's Sasuke know that his rogue ninja actions were pardoned because of the crucial role he played in the war and by Naruto and Kakashi himself.

Sasuke is about to set off on a road to redemption.  He turns down Tsunade's offer of an artificial arm created from Hashirama's cells.  Sakura asks if Sasuke would take her with him on his journey like she did before, but he turns that offer down too.  Instead, he smiles as he taps Sakura's forehead and tells her that he'll be back later like his brother used to do with him.  And also like before, he thanks her...

Before fully departing, Sasuke meets up with Naruto.  The two say their farewells as Naruto returns Sasuke's scratched headband.

Chapter 700:
•Shino is now an instructor at the Leaf Village Ninja Academy.
•Anko has gained weight.  (WTF happened?)
•Hinata is married to Naruto.
•Rock Lee is training with his son.
•Tenten has her own ninja weapons store.  (The Treasured Tools of the Sage of Six Paths are for display only, not for sale.)
•Temari is married to Shikamaru.
•Kiba is hitting on Tamaki.  And Akamaru is old.
•Sai and Ino are married.
•Choji and Karui are married.  (Didn't see that coming.)
•Kakashi has passed on his role of Hokage.
•Guy is confined to a wheelchair.
•The Gokage of the fourth war are all retired; Tsunade and Mei are still single.  (Really?)
•Killer Bee and Gyuki are meditating under the Waterfall of Truth.  While the former wants to visit Naruto.
•Shizune still works in the Hokage office.
•Moegi and Udon are probably Jonin.
•Konohamaru is a Jonin and is hypocritical of Boruto's actions.
•Apparently Sakura is a housewife.
•Apparently Sasuke is away on a mission.
•The new Kages are Naruto, Gaara, Darui, Kurotsuchi, and Chojuro.
•The advisors are Shikamaru, Kankuro, Omoi, Akatsuchi, and an unidentified fifth individual.
•A city is seen on top of the Hokage summit.

New Characters:
Boruto Uzumaki, son of Naruto and Hinata.  He pulls pranks to get the attention of his father who is always busy with Hokage duties.  He also inherited his father's verbal tic, with his being "Dattebasa".

Sarada Uchiha, daughter of Sasuke and Sakura.  A serious girl who wears glasses and rival to Boruto.  She also inherited her mother's battle cry "Shannaro".

Shikadai Nara, son of Shikamaru and Temari.  Like his father in his youth, he complains and is lazy.

Inojin Yamanaka, son of Sai and Ino.  He's the only member of the new generation Ino-Shika-Cho trio who takes training seriously.

Chocho Amikichi, daughter of Choji and Karui.  Not much is known about her except that she's chubby and she doesn't have a problem with it.

Himawari Uzumaki, daughter of Naruto and Hinata.  The first we see of her is when she presents her deceased uncle's grave with sunflowers.  He hopes to visit again, but with her big brother Boruto.

Rock Lee's son, name and mother unknown.  He also carries the Springtime of Youth.

Akamaru's pup(pies), self explanatory.

Mirai Sarutobi, daughter of Asuma and Kurenai.  Her official name was released in the databook of "The Last" movie.  Her current mission is to look after Kakashi and Guy.

Unanswered Questions:
What happened to Orochimaru and Kabuto after the war?  What happened to Team Hawk?  Where did the other Tailed Beasts go?  Are there any new Jinchuriki?  Did Shakaku go back to Gaara?  What did Sasuke discover on his journey?  What is the name of Lee's son and who is his mother?  How did ChoKarui happen?  When did technology advance so much in this universe?  Is Boruto aware of "One Piece"?  When was a city built on top of the Hokage Summit?  Was Kurama sleeping inside or outside of Naruto?

While some questions we had were somewhat answered in "The Last", these questions and more will probably be answered in the new Boruto series and the light novels.

I guess this was more of a summary than a review.  Meh, whatever.  I'll review "The Last" when it's available on DVD.

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I am a hardcore anime fan. If you wanna know a little more about me, read my Journal History entries. I love rare couples, couples that are rarely seen/loved. Pairings that make sense, and not loved simply out of popularity.

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My fanfiction series include "Love, Life, and Lost" (NaruHina) and "Do You Feel Lucky?" (LuckyShipping). Go ahead, ask me what other couples I include in these fanfics...


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